A Salt Inhaler That Helps Fight Any Respiratory Condition

August 18, 2017


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Respiratory diseases are conditions that affect the upper respiratory tract, and essentially the lungs. There are many different respiratory diseases; from something as simple as the common cold, to life threatening diseases such as pneumonia and lung cancer. Respiratory diseases are quite common, such that they account for 10% of all hospitalizations in Canada.

Although these conditions can vary greatly in their severity, they all have respiratory symptoms, many of which can be controlled using a salt inhaler. The most common symptoms found across a large number of respiratory conditions are shortness of breath and coughing (sometimes presenting thick mucus). Some less common symptoms, but still present with many conditions, are wheezing and difficulty breathing. Additionally, most of these conditions are associated with some sort of infection within the lung. Luckily, these can all be controlled with salt therapy.

Salt therapy is a natural treatment where patients inhale microscopic salt particles. This results in the absorption of the salt particles into the inner lining of the lungs, which has many positive effects. Some of the health benefits are:

  • Moistens thick, dry mucus membranes. This allows better clearance of microbes and debris from the lungs, to help clear and prevent infections, as well as breathe easier.
  • Anti-microbial properties. This is another way it helps clear infections and speed up recovery.
  • Reduces inflammation and detoxifies air. Everyday we are inhaling very many pollutants and toxins, which tend to irritate our lungs. Salt therapy helps regulate and strengthen the immune system’s response in our lungs, while also clearing and/or neutralizing the toxins that are present.
  • Boosts overall respiratory strength and lung capacity. It does this by opening up the airways and actively removing any irritants.
  • Increases sleep quality. A large amount of sleep disorders are associated with breathing problems. Since salt therapy eases breathing and clears airways, it ultimately leads to more restful sleep and better blood oxygenation.
  • Lowers blood pressure. In addition to respiratory benefits, the potassium content in the inhaled salt treatment helps stabilize and lower blood pressure.

Salt inhalers provide a very easy and convenient way to receive salt therapy. Not only does this natural treatment have many benefits, but there are absolutely no side effects. Salt therapy is a very affordable and accessible treatment option, ultimately cleansing the entire respiratory system. Whether you are suffering from the common cold, to something as severe as cystic fibrosis, or any respiratory condition in between, using a salt inhaler will benefit you. However in a chronic respiratory disease you will need long-term exposure to salt therapy, recommended 7-8 hours daily. This can be obtain using a salinizer during the night sleep and a salt inhaler during the day or when outside of home.